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Turkey Neck

Ready to get rid of turkey neck?

In this article you will find some simple solutions that can help give you a more beautiful neck fast including a step by step plan!

Wikipedia defines turkey neck as subcutaneous fat around the neck that sags down and creates a wrinkle, making the owner appear to have a second chin. In reality, there can be a number of causes for the condition commonly called turkey neck, including excess fat, too much skin, overall tissue sagging, or loosened musculature.

Most of these conditions come on with age, though turkey neck can strike even younger people.

Naturally neck surgery is going to give the most dramatic results but you can greatly improve the appearance of turkey neck with out the expense, downtime and risk of under going the knife.

For best results use several techniques in combination.

Neck Firming Cream

A neck cream is one of the easiest, least invasive ways to help improve the appearance of turkey neck. But all neck creams are not created equal. The best neck creams for turkey neck have powerful, active ingredients that can help to increase skin elasticity and promote the production of natural collagen.

One of the best neck firming creams to try is Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream.

This best selling cream is specifically designed for the thinning tissue of the neck and face. It contains an amino-peptide complex, intracellular fortifier and marine proteins to firm sagging areas, restore elasticity and smooth skin.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, 1.7 Ounce

It is very inexpensive (under $20.00) and can give beautiful results. The cream enjoys hundreds of rave reviews;

One happy user said ; “This cream is amazing as it really did “resculpt” my jaw line. I will never be without this cream”

Another user saw results super fast, “I purchased this item on a Wednesday, I saw a difference by the following Saturday!”

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Be sure to use your neck cream daily. Consistent use will give you the most beautiful results.

You should combine the neck cream with other techniques to give the most powerful lift and tightening to the neck.

Here are some techniques that combined with a neck cream can help make a beautiful difference in your neck.


Using an at home microdermabrasion device at home is a great way to improve the appearance of the neck. It is affordable and convenient. In just one treatment, your neck will look smoother and this will improve with continued use. With a microdermabrasion device, you exfoliate the skin at a deep level. This removes the superficial top layers, revealing the fine skin beneath.

This is an excellent tool for both your face and neck. It helps remove fine lines, get rid of acne scars, even skin tone and more. And it works fast. Most people see results immediately. The skin looks and feels softer.

It also prepares the skin, allowing for deeper penetration of a neck firming cream.

One of the best systems is MicrodermMD. Though this at home system is not cheap. You will save hundreds of dollars doing it yourself at home over the cost of going to a spa.

Exfoliation is one of the best ways to help rejuvenate your skin.

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Skin Supplements
Neither a lot more or less invasive than creams and lotions, I place the use of skin supplements below these solutions only because they tend to take longer to work. Skin supplements can help to increase the elasticity, thickness, and health of the skin, as well as supporting overall health, wellness, healing, and immune response. Some commonly used skin supplements for treating turkey neck include vitamins A, E, and C; Dimethylaminoethenol; and Alpha-lipoic Acid. These skin supplements can work solo, but work best when used together, as their effects are both cumulative and synergistic, so check the ingredients on any blended products you choose to take.

Weight Loss
If the turkey neck is caused by excess weight, losing weight will help. Use a quality program. One new method that is working for many people is Intermittent Fasting. You can read my book on it here: Intermittent Fasting: The Feast and Fast DietIntermittent Fasting: The Feast and Fast Diet

Neck Exercise

You can also tone up the neck using a Neckline Slimmer. Believe it or not – it totally works! Click here to read my review on the Neckline Slimmer. I personally use mine everyday and it has made a huge improvement in my neck.

Combining these at home methods will give a huge improvement to turkey neck, firming and rejuvenating the neck area. Try the simple step by step plan below to get rid of turkey neck.

Simple Steps to Diminish the Signs of Turkey Neck at Home

1. Twice a week exfoliate the neck area. You can exfoliate manually or with a machine. An at home microdermabrasion machine can work wonders.
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2. Every night use a quality neck firming cream.
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3. Eat a healthy diet. If you need to lose weight and have tried many things and they have not worked, consider Intermittent Fasting: Click here for Intermittent Fasting: The Feast and Fast Diet

4. Exercise your neck area with a neckline slimmer. This takes just a few minutes each day and can be amazingly effective!
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5. If you have a very bad case of turkey neck, consider using a Dermawand. This device can be used over and over to lift and tone saggy neck and facial skin.
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Following these simple steps will make a beautiful difference in your neck!

There are also cosmetic surgery procedures available for Turkey Neck. These can be expensive but effective.

Surgical Neck Lift
A surgical neck lift will provide immediate, noticeable improvements in turkey neck, and can consist of any combination of a number of different procedures including fat removal, muscle tightening, strategically-placed sutures, and the actual removal of excess skin as in neck and chin liposuction. The cost of these procedures will run you between four and more than ten grand, and recovery time can be as little as four days to more than a month. The procedure itself may take less than an hour, but usually takes between two and four hours to complete. The positives here are that the results are the most impressive you’ll see, with the down sides being cost and the invasive nature of surgical solutions.

Cosmetic injectables run the gamut from silicone to Botox to collagen, and a number of other options, natural and synthetic, common and proprietary. Each injectable product has different properties to consider. Some are all natural, while some are very much not. Some provide near-permanent results, while others tend to wear off over time and need to be repeated. Finally, the cost of injectable varies widely. A neck treatment might be had for a couple hundred bucks and repeated every so often for best effect, or a more permanent and high-end product could cost many thousands of dollars. The procedure is less invasive than surgery, but still carries some medical risk of adverse reactions, infection, or uneven settling of product under the skin.

Turkey neck can be a potentially embarrassing and upsetting condition, but is rarely as noticeable as you may think. Solutions exist, and can have a great impact on the appearance of turkey neck.

Our recommendation is to try the “Simple Steps to Diminish the Signs of Turkey Neck at Home” listed above. It is amazing how much of a difference you can make in your neck with a just a few minutes a day! Give it a try and see for yourself!