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Exercises For Double Chin

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Exercise does a body plenty of good, and there are exercises for double chin loss that are good too. They’re focused on the one area and many have seen their results after sticking with the practice of them. Read on to learn 5 simple exercises for double chin loss.

Basic Information

Before sharing the exercises, it is necessary to share a bit of basic information. The double chin is created by fat deposits and taking care of your body as a whole is of dire importance; otherwise these exercises are sure to be done in vain. Drink plenty of water and make healthy eating choices, eliminating fatty junk foods from your diet. Even if you don’t struggle with weight issues (as a double chin can also result from aging or you may simply collect most of your fat intake in that area) exercising your entire body, keeping good posture and eating right will all contribute to you losing a double chin and keeping it off.

Double Chin Exercises
When performing double chin exercises and neck exercises for double chin loss, the emphasis is on strengthening the platysma muscle, which controls the downward movement of the jaw and the corners of the mouth.

These exercises will help you do that:
The ShovelOpen your mouth wide and pull your lower lip over your bottom teeth, then work your jaw up and down as if you were “scooping or shoveling”.

The Kissy Face –Tilt your head back and point your chin up then pucker your lips, holding them in that “kissy” position for ten seconds.

The Sitting Jaw Stretch – Sit -back and shoulders straightened – in a comfortable chair with arm rests. Hold you head up high and slowly recline; keep going as far back as you can, feeling the stretch in your jaw muscles.

The Chin Slap – Surely you’ve witnessed the chin slap in your lifetime. Many a aging Hollywood actress has done this one on the big screen. All you have to do is give your chin a few gentle slaps with the back of your hand a couple of minutes a day.

The Gum Chew – Simple and enjoyable. All you have to do is put your muscles to work on a piece of sugar free gum!

Patience and continued practice of these exercises for double chin loss will get you the results you want so you can feel confident about chin and overall appearance!

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