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Double Chin Surgery

Are you considering going the surgical route to get rid of that pestering double chin? Though it may be a quick fix to the problem and it may seem like a simple enough procedure, it is best to use it only as a last resort to remove a chubby chin. If you’ve tried chin exercises and they haven’t worked for you and hiding your chin is getting old, read on to learn what you need to know about double chin surgery.

Types of Double Chin Surgeries

There are a few ways to go with double chin removal surgery. There’s the Mentoplasty procedure, for those whose chin needs some defining. A small incision is made either inside the mouth or right under the chin. The tissue is then stretched to allow for smooth insertion of an implant that will define the chin. The implant remains in place through use of a suture or placement under the periosteum.

Liposuction surgery is a more commonly used method in which fat is sucked out of the chin. 

Risks and Benefits

As with all surgeries, double chin surgery has its pros and cons. What are the risks and benefits? Here are a few that are commonly seen:

  • Swollen and/or bruised face/chin area following surgery
  • Inability to consume foods immediately following surgery
  • Speedy recovery
  • Results can be wonderfully dramatic – after having the surgery performed, you’ll have lost the fatty chin and have a nice, tight chin area that redefines your profile.
  • Results are not permanent – while surgery is a speedy way to get rid of your double chin, you’ll have to work at staying healthy to keep it away. You’ll have lost a good deal of money if you allow it to come back by making poor dietary choices and you might consider incorporating exercise routines into your daily life.

Cost of Double Chin Surgery

As with most surgical procedures, the price varies based on the region you have the surgery performed in, the plastic surgeon performing it and the procedure itself and depth of it (in this case, how much fat must be removed from the area). Losing your double chin could cost you anywhere from $1500-$7000. Keep in mind that double chin plastic surgery is a cosmetic surgery and therefore is not likely to be funded by health insurance providers.