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Chin Implant

When it comes to having implant surgery, the chin is probably the last place considered. However a chin implant is performed for several reasons. Most often it is done to correct what is called a “weak chin”, which basically means that the chin line is not very well defined. This can lead to the appearance of an overly fat or fleshy neck. It can also make the nose appear larger than it actually is on the face. Aside from its cosmetic complications a weak chin can also contribute to jaw and teeth problems. On the other side of the coin, an overly prominent chin can make the nose appear smaller. The desirable outcome here is to have a balanced looking face, and the chin is important to this effort.

People who wish to have chin augmentation done may find the requirements quite strict. A patient must be in good physical health and have no pre-existing conditions before surgery is considered. A patient cannot have suffered from a bone disorder. Patients cannot have taken the drug Accutane for at least six months, or preferably longer. Accutane has been shown to cause adverse side effects during a transplant process. It promotes bone growth in the facial areas at wildly accelerated rates. This is called keloidism and can be quite painful to go through and even more so to have treated.

The patient must also be mentally and emotionally stable to go through the chin implants procedure. Due to the long time in healing, and the pain that can follow during the healing process, it is not recommended for people who have trouble controlling their emotions. If you are considering a chin implant you will want to discuss the short and long term benefits and side effects with a physician.

Even though a chin implant is not a very difficult surgical procedure, complications can develop. One of the most common is an allergic reaction to whatever anesthetic is used. Another common problem is infection of the surgical site. The skin on the face is very sensitive. Any problems could have long term effects. Smokers are advised to quit before having this procedure done. Nicotine can constrict the blood vessels during the healing process, which leads to something called necrosis, which is a fancy way of saying your skin will fall off if you don’t put that cigarette out.

A chin implant can make a dramatic difference in your appearance. Discuss it with a board cerfified physician to see if it is the right option for you.