Non Surgical Neck Lift

If you have a sagging neck that lets everyone know how old you are, you’re not alone. But what can you do about it? Getting a neck lift delivers results, but costs thousands of dollars, is incredibly painful, and involves invasive surgery. Fortunately, thanks to advances in medical science, you can now get a non surgical neck lift. One popular method is by using radio wave frequency.

A non-surgical neck lift offers the ability for you to enjoy firmer, tighter skin around your jawline, reduces the appearance of scarring, and softens the lines that can lead to wrinkles. The use of targeted radio waves combined with cooling waves allows health care professionals to perform a neck lift without surgery. When the hot radio waves come in contact with your skin, it causes a reaction in your collagen. The collagen reacts to the radio waves by tightening and strengthening, which leads to firmer, healthier, younger looking skin.

During a radio wave non surgical neck lift procedure, you may experience some pain, and you may have swelling for roughly a week. It’s possible that you could experience burns to your skin in the event of a mishap, but with a skilled technician there are very low chances of burns occurring.

Before the procedure begins, you may be given pain medication. What type and how strong varies depending on the areas worked, the machinery used, your health, and what a doctor recommends. Typically, oral medication will be given in combination with a topical medication. The area will be numb before the procedure starts.

The radio frequency machine emits pulses to the skin, when the technician passes it over the areas being treated. Some people don’t feel anything at all, and others do experience some degree of pain. This all depends on the individual and the medication given; there is no accurate way to predict what you will experience personally. The procedure takes about two hours from start to finish. If you were given a very strong pain killer, you may need someone to drive you home. Your doctor will let you know beforehand if this is the case.

Unlike a traditional neck lift, the radio frequency non surgical neck lift will not show results immediately. It takes time for the collagen in your skin to react and respond to the radio waves that they were exposed to. You can expect to start seeing results in one month, with the final results manifesting themselves after roughly six months. After your skin has fully adjusted, the results of the procedure will last from five to ten years. If no problems appeared after the procedure was conducted, there will be no long-term health effects.

A neck lift without surgery is a great option for those who don’t want anything as drastic as a full-blown plastic surgery procedure, but still want to address their aging skin. A radio wave non surgical necklift offers a less expensive, less invasive alternative to conventional medical procedures while still giving you the youthful look you crave and the confidence you need.

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