How To Hide A Double Chin

Double chins can be a real confidence killer and getting rid of them takes patience and persistence. Luckily, there are ways to camouflage your chubby chin. Now you can feel confident fast for that upcoming special occasion or where ever you may be going this very night! Read on to learn how to hide a double chin.

Hiding with a Tan

If you have pale skin, try a tan to hide a double chin. If you think about it, dark clothes make you look slimmer. Light clothes make you look bigger. Same with your skin. Using a tanning lotion will go a long way to create the illusion of a slimmer chin and dramatically change your appearance. Just avoid ones that go on streaky and orange. Try an at home tanning system. New technology results in even, beautiful color. One to try; Belloccio Sunless Tanning Airbrush System

Hiding with Posture and Positioning

What’s the first thing you can do about your double chin to make it less prominent? You can start standing up straight with your shoulders back and your head held high (just like your mom always told you to). This adds length to your neck and causes it to appear thinner; it also makes your body look better overall.

Hiding with Clothing and Accessories

What you wear can affect the appearance of your double chin. To be straight to the point, high necklines are a no-no for those concerned about double chins. Turtle necks are the worst wardrobe choice in this case. Make an effort to wear shirts and blouses that are lower cut or have a v-shaped neckline. Wearing shirts that cut off just under the chin will draw attention to it. When accessorizing, avoid chokers and oversized earrings that hang close to the neck. The key to hiding your double chin is in drawing attention elsewhere. 

Hiding with Make up

You don’t have to be a make-up expertise to make it work for you when trying to hide a double chin. It might help to consult one though. What you can do yourself is emphasize other facial features. Wear bright lipstick, mascara and liner that make your eyes “pop” and downplay that double chin by lightly applying foundation and bronzer to your jaw line.

Hiding with Hairstyles

What are the best hairstyles for double chins? Contrary to what is commonly said about hiding a double chin with long hair, shorter hair styles are the way to go. Why? Because they take attention away from the neckline. Keeping hair away from the area will draw eyes towards the hair itself instead of to the chin it surrounds. If a pixie doesn’t sound too pretty to you, fear not. Ask your stylist to cut your hair so it does not stop just above or below your chin, or in layers.

Hiding with a Beard

If you are a guy trying growing a short beard. This is very effective at hiding a double chin.

These tips have shown you how to hide a double chin, now you can boldly go about your day without feeling self conscious about yours!